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Wellness Herbal Pillow

Wellness Herbal Pillow

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WAY 4 WELLNESS Herbal Pillow | Made of Desi Cotton and  7 Herbs Filling | Suitable for Insomnia and Migraine | No.1 (White , 53x 41x 9 cm)

  • Wellness Herbal Pillow is a sustainable, eco-friendly pillow. Our Pillow is made up  of desi cotton and 7 Indian Tradition herbs that Improves the quality of your sleep.
    • Made Using Desi Cotton yarn which is handspun skillfully. The fabric is also kept unbleached and undyed and that the same is woven into fabric.
    • It Is Medium Sized Pillow and the Dimension is 53x 41x 9 cm
    • Our Pillows are Firm ,Soft and Skin-Friendly with breathable covers which provides excellent support for your head and neck,Corrects posture and distributes weight.
    • It is  very effective against insomnia and migraine. We use premium quality herbal materials to offer the best possible rest and maximum relaxation and comfort.
    • It is an Ergonomic, Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial Pillow.


    Indian Traditional Herbs That Help You Sleep Better Than Ever.Ergonomic, hypoallergenic, and antibacterialSoftcoverPrevents insomnia and migraineImproves the quality of sleepApprox. dimensions: 53x 41x 9 cmYearly once change new Wellness sleep herbal pillow for best results

    why desi cotton?

    While one aspect of this is the eco sensitiveness and uplifting the marginal farmers,

    Here are some hard facts for your consideration 284694* Number of farmer suicides, more than 50% of it pertains to cotton! (* In India, in the last 17 years more than 3 lakh farmers have committed suicide). Only 5% of cultivable land is under cotton, but 55% of pesticide use is pertaining to cotton 2700 liters of clean, safe water to make one shirt of inorganic cotton! Water that would otherwise be used for basic needs and drinking for millions. The Desi organic cotton, which was well prevalent a few decades ago contributes to less than 5% of cotton cultivated, the rest 95% is BT cotton with GMO crops. More cultivation of desi, organic cotton will result in dramatic improvement of the livelihoods of farmers, spinners, weavers, tailors etc. Desi cotton has traditionally been a multi-crop, which means less water-intensive only using about 2% water compared to inorganic.

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