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10 Health Benefits of Solanum trilobatum or Thuthuvalai

Prickly Chaff Flower

  •  Helps in Digestion: Prickly Chaff flower has the power to release the excess toxins called ama and help in improving metabolism. It also helps with colic pain. Issues like gastric disorders and bloating are dealt with chaff flower. Intestinal infections can also be managed with the use of chaff flower.
  •  Relief from Cough: The natural strength of prickly chaff flower helps in breaking down mucous and removing it from the body. Individuals suffering from cough can use this herb to remove mucous from the throat and get rid of frequent coughing bouts.
  •  Laxative: Chaff flower has detoxifying qualities that makes it strong enough for cleansing the intestines and relieving constipation. This herb is also quite effective for balancing the doshas of the body.
  •  Relief from Piles: Being an effective laxative, prickly chaff flower provides a great sense of relief in piles. It reduces constipation and pain. It is even helpful in bleeding piles.
  •  Excellent Diuretic: This herb is a natural cure for kidney issues. It helps in dysuria, urinary retention, water retention and kidney stones. People suffering from kidney issues can use chaff flower as a natural remedy for their problems.
  •  Reduces Occurrence of Uterus Infection: Uterus infections are quite common among women these days. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of prickly chaff flower help in managing such infections. White discharge in the vagina is also controlled with the use of this unique herb. It also relieves swelling and pain in the uterus. It is perfect to use for women.

Phyllanthus Niruri

Phyllanthus niruri may help treat the following medical problems:

Urinary tract stones
  •  Phyllanthus niruri may help break up or reduce the size of stones that form in the urinary trat.
  •  In a 2018 studyTrusted Source with 56 participants, researchers found that Phyllanthus niruri helped reduce the size of these stones. They also found that it improved the removal of magnesium and potassium from the body through the urine. Another studyTrusted Source found that Phyllanthus niruri helped reduce the formation of urinary tract stones. Confirming these promising results will require more clinical trials of a higher quality.
Issues requiring diuretics
  •  Diuretics remove water and sodium from the body. They can help treat high blood pressure and a range of other conditions. Some practitioners of herbal medicine use Phyllanthus niruri as a diuretic. In a 2018 study, researchers found that Phyllanthus niruri has a diuretic effect in rats, boosting the excretion of sodium in the urine. Further research can confirm whether the plant has this effect in humans.
Viral infections
  •  A 2013 studyTrusted Source examined the effects of four Phyllanthus species on the herpes simplex virus in cell cultures. While Phyllanthus niruri was the least effective species, it did appear to combat the infection.
  •  Other studiesTrusted Source suggest that Phyllanthus niruri could help treat other infections, such as hepatitis B and HIV. However, researchers will need to further explore the effects in live animals and humans before drawing conclusions.
  •  In a 2017 study in rats, researchers found that Phyllanthus niruri appeared to reduce inflammation about as well as ibuprofen. A 2013 study in rats and mice also found that an extract of the plant could combat inflammation.
  •  A 2017 studyTrusted Source in rats showed that Phyllanthus niruri could reduce the size of ulcers. However, research in humans is crucial in determining whether the plant extract can be an effective component of ulcer treatment.
  •  A 2010 study in rats found that Phyllanthus niruri has the potential to help in the treatment of diabetes. The researchers concluded that extracts of the plant could help lower fasting blood sugar and prevent blood sugar spikes. Another study, in mice with diabetes, showed that a different Phyllanthus species could reduce blood sugar levels and weight.
Eclipta Prostrata
It is good for hair
  •  We are all aware of the fact that bhringaraj is simply amazing for hair. It contains hair-vitalising herbs which can prevent premature greying and help in dealing with hair loss. Bhringaraj has been found to speed up the process of hair growth along with increasing hair follicles in the phase of hair growth. Eclipta prostrata works great when it comes to improving hair growth.
It is good for skin
  •  Traditionally, Eclipta prostrata has been used for treating skin diseases as well. Bhringaraj fights the fungi which causes skin infections. Topical application of paste of bhringaraj leaves on the skin helps in dealing with skin infections. Eczema and skin boils can also be treated with the help of Eclipta prostrata.
It is good for the liver
  •  one of the largest organs in the body, performs the function of removing toxins from the body. Bhringaraj offers protection to the liver from harmful chemicals that can damage it. Demethyl-wedelolactone and wedelolactone are certain compounds in Eclipta prostrata which perform anti-toxic activities which contribute to regenerating liver cells.
It helps in dealing with dysentery
  •  Dysentery is a health condition which causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting and fever. Eclipta prostrata helps in fighting the bacteria which causes dysentery. Decoction of Eclipta prostrata can be given orally in order to deal with dysentery. Juice of Eclipta prostrata leaves with honey can also help in easing dysentery symptoms.
Gastric ulcers
  •  Stomach ulcers result in heart burns, burning pain and nausea. Eclipta prostrata can help in dealing with stomach ulcers which caused because of taking aspirins and anti-inflammatory drugs regularly. Extract of Eclipta prostrata can help in reducing gastric ulcers induced by aspirins and alcohol.
Relieves pain
  •  Yes, you heard that right! A fresh extract from Eclipta prostrata leaves is a popular remedy for relieving pain, swelling and inflammation. The medicinal plant is also used as part of Ayurvedic medicine because of its pain relieving qualities.
It is good for heart health
  •  Eclipta prostrata helps in controlling blood pressure levels and regulates cholesterol in the body. A healthy blood pressure and balanced cholesterol levels result in a healthy heart. Bhringaraj also helps in reducing triglycerides levels, which are another risk factor for heart disease. Conditions such as heart palpitations can be dealt with the help of Eclipta prostrata leaves extract .
It improves immunity
  •  Eclipta prostrata has immunity boosting properties which offer protection from the harmful germs in the environment that we are constantly exposed to.
Eclipta prostrata helps in dealing with respiratory problems
  •  Eclipta prostrata helps in treatment of respiratory tract disorders like bronchitis and asthma. These disorders are a result of inflammation in airways which are responsible for carrying air to and from lungs. This inflammation causes wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Anti-inflammatory properties of Eclipta prostrata help in easing these respiratory problems. Injection of bhringaraj or its nasal administration can help in bringing relief from conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.
Eclipta prostrata can help in managing diabetes
  •  Eclipta prostrata has properties which can stimulate secretion of insulin. Leaves of Eclipta prostrata have been used as part of traditional medicine. thus good for people with diabetes.

Boerhaavia Diffusa

Benefits of Boerhavia Diffusa

  •  The various formulations of Boerhavia Diffusa showed diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. The decoction of Boerhavia Diffusa root is used as an analgesic, used to treat coughs, depressants for CNS, laxative, and in inducing abortion.
  •  Boerhavia Diffusa has been very useful in treating the patients suffering from nephrotic syndrome; the mechanism involved shows the increased serum protein level, followed by a reduction in urinary protein extraction. The leaves of Punarnava have been used in vegetable preparations, which tends to show a reduction in edema.
  •  No doubt about the Boerhavia Diffusa, which is majorly known for its anti-endemic property, but it also has a potential cardioprotective action due to which it protects the damage of the heart.
  •  Boerhavia Diffusa is nephroprotective; it improves kidney function by reducing the urea and creatinine levels in the blood. In addition to this, due to its lithotriptic action, it further helps to reduce kidney stone problems.
  •  Boerhavia Diffusa reduces bilirubin level to prevent jaundice. Boerhavia Diffusa is beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels. The mechanism involves reducing the starch breakdown into glucose and thereby preventing the reduction of blood sugar.
  •  The bioactive compounds present in the extracts of Punarnava help prevent body weight gain and it helps reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.
  •  Due to a mild laxative property of Boerhavia Diffusa is a mild laxative; it helps in flushing out toxins from the body without the loss of essential nutrients and minerals.
  •  The administration of Boerhavia Diffusa powder helps in electrolytic balancing of ions in the plasma, which controls the movement of water between cells and their surroundings.
  •  Improve Heart Health Research has found that the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, could be found in purslane, and it may help to reduce the amount of LDL (bad) or bad cholesterol in the body. This may help to promote a healthier cholesterol balance in our bloodstream.


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